Friday, January 22, 2016

Distances Around the Lower Grenadines

Looking north to Petit St Vincent

I thought you might like to SEE some of the distances between islands as we see them.   
Looking west at the NE corner of Carriacou - Village of Windward

If you want exact figures, use Google Map or Earth or some other web site or chart software.

Looking southwest to the SE corner of Carriacou with Grenada in the distance of the far left

These are all views from Petite Martinique.
Looking NE at the south and east part of Union with Mayreau on the east end near the telephone pole

And no, we are not setting any sailing distance records.
Ready to go
That is not the point of our wanderings.

Petite Martinique

This pic is for my dad.  He likes to know the stats of the places we go
We stopped at Petite Martinique to get a few supplies.  However, after a short walk, we have now decided that we must come back and spend more time on this lovely little island. 

Petit St Vincent where we anchored  sv Honey Ryder

It is just south of Petit St Vincent and northeast of Carriacou.  It is part of the island nation of Grenada.
Hope there is no fire because the trucks got a flat tire
Everything may not be up to date in Petite Martinique (see above and below pics) but most of the houses looked fairly nice by Caribbean standards.  The main/one road was ok. 
Sheep and a few goats everywhere

In fact in some ways this island is quite progressive with their climate change initiative and photovoltaic desalination plant.

Yes, solar panels power their desalination plant.  At look closely at the sign....impressive numbers...14 months to complete at a cost of $1.057 million. I think that is amazing for ANY public works project.
Solar panels - sorry for the blurry pic

New construction
New construction

Local Felix is even using solar panels to dry bananas for his banana flour. 

Petit St Vincent

Not to be confused with St Vincent.  However, it is part of the Grenadines. 

This island is tiny.

It is located NE of Carriacou.

No one lives here.  The entire island is an exclusive resort.

But it's all about the water color.